Creative statement

Broadly my work is a social experiment. I see my role as artist involving different methods of engagement with the world around meā€“part investigator, part reporter, part psychologist, and part canary. My experimentation begins after identifying areas of concern to contemporary society that have a single narrative, often controlled by the media or popular belief. Such topics have included consumerism, environmentalism, surveillance, the financial crisis, and the civil act of voting. The work tends to be wryly humorous and absurd.

The media employed for each work is dictated by the concept of the work to which the most appropriate material I can think of is selected. The technical process of making the work is a joy as it almost always involves learning something new and requires my mastery of that medium. I see technique as a means to an end, not an end in itself. Nonetheless the work must be visually engaging such that it is not passed over or dismissed.


Nathaniel is an assistant professor of art at Delta State University in Cleveland Mississippi where he teaches digital media. He studied studio art and psychology as an undergraduate at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California where he double majored with honors. Further study led to his Masters of Fine Arts from Memphis College of Art with highest honors. He is an active artist exhibiting his award winning work nationally. Nathaniel is also a regular contributor to local and regional art conferences.


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